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The Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a great occasion to the Chinese people。 It lasts about the first four days of the year, during which people do not work except for the workers on duty。 Students do not go to school, and shops are closed。

Several days before the new year, people begin to prepare。 Farmers kill pigs, sheep, cocks and hens。 City dwellers buy meat fish and vegetables。? Houses are cleaned; coupletsare posted on the doors。 Colourful lanterns are hung at the gate。

On the eve of the new year, each family has its members gatherd together and eats a family reunion dinner。 After the meal they watch TV until the clock strickes twelve。 Then every family sets off long strings of small firecrackers and other fire works to wele the new year。 On the first day of the new year, almost everyone is dressed in his or her best。 When people meet on the way, they say to each other "Happy New Year"。 Friends and relatives pay new year calls and gives presents to each other。 Children indulge themselves in games。


My? plan? of? next? year

A new year ,a new start,when I stand on the edge of? a new year,I can't help thinking about my plan of next year。

Just as the old saying:“Well began is the half of the success。”So I decide that I should be at work while the others are still relaxing ,and then ,at the beginning ,I'm quicker than the others and of course I will get better result than the others。

But ,what I really decide to do is that I must make good of anytime I can spare though it seems impossible。 While,I will do my best to live up with what I have planned,and the result will prove it。


Will Christmas Replace the Spring Festival?

Christmas arouses increasing attention year by year in China。 Christmas cards bee popular with students。 People hold Christmas parties and exchange Christmas girts。 A lot or TV and radio programs about Christmas are on。 Meanwhile the Spring Festival is less appealing (有吸引力的)to youngsters。 Thus some people wonder whether Christmas will replace the Spring Festival。

This worry is fairly unnecessary。 Why ? One reason lies that Christmas only affects Christians,college students and joint-venture (合资企业)workers。 Another reason is that Christmas is mostly celebrated in cities。 Few people in countryside show extreme interest in this exotic(带有异国情调的) festival。 By contrast,the Spring Festival is the most influential traditional festival in every family。

I think,it is natural that with increasing exchanges with the West,a lot of Western holidays have been gradually introduced into China。 For us Chinese we should never neglect or even discard our own traditional festivals。 For centuries Chinese have observed this traditional holiday to wele the beginning of a new year。 And we will treasure the Spring Festival forever。


New Year Party

On New Year's Eve,our class had a party。 The atmosphere was good。 It was out of the ordinary from the very begining。 The boy student from one bedroom gave an unusual performance。 We saw a boy named Li Xinmin turn off all the lights in a sudden snap。 Then with three resounding(响亮的) crow of a cock echoing in the hall,the hall was again brightly lit in a snap。

Then,the representative of the bedroom Zhu Guozhang asked us to guess a line of a poem related to the above situation。 He added that Li Xinmin alone was born in the year of the dog and the other three were all born in the year of the chicken。 They left us all in confusion。 And it was our monitor who was quickwitted(机智的)。 He shouted our, "The day breaks as the cock crows three times at dawn。" The hall After that,they had another item。 This time Li Xinmin was placed in the middle of the circle。 While he was standing there,the other three stood around him,each bowing down to him at an angle of 120 degrees。 It was an idiom。 This time I got it right:"The dog stands out among a group of chickens。"


The Spring Festival

The Spring Festival, Chinese New Year,is the most important festival for all of us。 All family members get together on New Year'Eve to have a big meal。At the same time, everyone celebrates to each other。At about 12 o'clock,some parents and children light crackers。The whole sky is lighted brightly。 We may watch the fireworks excitedly。How busy it is!

On the first early moring of one year, many senior citizen get up early and they stick the reversed Fu or hang some couplets on the front door。 Some house's windows are sticked on red paper cutlings。

The Chinese New Year lasts fifteen days。 So during the fifteen days, we always visit our relatives from door to door。 At that time, children are the happiest because they can get many red packets form their parents,grandparents, uncles, aunts and so on。 The last day of the Chinese New Year is another festival。 It names the Lantern Festival。

So the Chinese New Year es to the end。


Spring Festival is the most important festival in China 。It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year 。In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal 。In many places people like to set off firecrackers 。Dumplings are the most traditional food 。Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes 。They can also get some money from their parents。 This money is given to children for good luck 。 People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good。


Spring Festival is the most important festival in China 。It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year 。In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal 。In many places people like to set off firecrackers 。Dumplings are the most traditional food 。Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes 。They can also get some money from their parents。 This money is given to children for good luck 。 People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune 。 The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long 。People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”。 People enjoy the Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest 。


Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays。 It is sometimes called the "Lunar New Year" by English speakers。 The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first month (Chinese: 正月; pinyin: zhēng yuè) in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th; this day is called Lantern Festival。 Chinese New Year's Eve is known as chú xī。 It literally means "Year-pass Eve"。

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivity in the Lunar Calendar。 The origin of Chinese New Year is itself centuries old and gains significance because of several myths and traditions。 Ancient Chinese New Year is a reflection on how the people behaved and what they believed in the most。

Celebrated in areas with large populations of ethnic Chinese, Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese and has had influence on the new year celebrations of its geographic neighbors, as well as cultures with whom the Chinese have had extensive interaction。 These include Koreans (Seollal), Tibetans and Bhutanese (Losar), Mongolians (Tsagaan Sar), Vietnamese (T?t), and formerly the Japanese before 1873 (Oshogatsu)。 Outside of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, Chinese New Year is also celebrated in countries with significant Han Chinese populations, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand。 In countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States, although Chinese New Year is not an official holiday, many ethnic Chinese hold large celebrations and Australia Post, Canada Post, and the US Postal Service issues New Year's themed stamps。

Within China, regional customs and traditions concerning the celebration of the Chinese new year vary widely。 People will pour out their money to buy presents, decoration, material, food, and clothing。 It is also the tradition that every family thoroughly cleans the house to sweep away any ill-fortune in hopes to make way for good ining luck。 Windows and doors will be decorated with red colour paper-cuts and couplets with popular themes of “happiness”, “wealth”, and “longevity”。 On the Eve of Chinese New Year, supper is a feast with families。 Food will include such items as pigs, ducks, chicken and sweet delicacies。 The family will end the night with firecrackers。 Early the next morning, children will greet their parents by wishing them a healthy and happy new year, and receive money in red paper envelopes。 The Chinese New Year tradition is a great way to reconcile forgetting all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone。

Although the Chinese calendar traditionally does not use continuously numbered years, outside China its years are often numbered from the reign of Huangdi。 But at least three different years numbered 1 are now used by various scholars, making the year 2009 "Chinese Year" 4707, 4706, or 4646。


The spring Festival is ing soon! The festivel is considereded the most important one for Chinese people。 It is on the first day of lunar year。 It is also the day of reunion among family members。 During these days, people would say "happy new year! or wish you make fortune! to each other。 They would also visit their relatives and friends。 Children would be given "red packets"。 Children would have more to eat and play than usual。Playing firecrackers is also a popular game for children。


Far and away the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year。 To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West。 the dates for this annual celebration are determined by the lunar calendar rather than the GREgorian calendar, so the timing of the holiday varies from late January to early February。

To the ordinary Chinese, the festival actually begins on the eve of the lunar New Year’s Day and ends on the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar。 But the 15th of the first month, which normally is called the Lantern Festival, means the official end of the Spring Festival in many parts of the country。


Spring Festival is the most importantand popular festival in China。Before Spring Festival ,the people usually clean and decorate their houses。And they go to the Flower Fairs to buy some flowers。During Spring Festival ,the adults usually give lucky money to children。People often get together and have a big meal。Some people eat dumpling for dinner。

I love Spring Festival 。


Waking up on New Year, everybody dresses up。 First they extend greetings to their parents。 Then each child will get money as a New Year gift, wrapped up in red paper。 People in northern China will eat jiaozi, or dumplings, for breakfast, as they think "jiaozi" in sound means "bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new"。 Also, the shape of the dumpling is like gold ingot from ancient China。 So people eat them and wish for money and treasure。

Southern Chinese eat niangao (New Year cake made of glutinous rice flour) on this occasion, because as a homophone, niangao means "higher and higher, one year after another。" The first five days after the Spring Festival are a good time for relatives, friends, and classmates as well as colleagues to exchange greetings, gifts and chat leisurely。

China has 56 ethnic groups。 Minorities celebrate their Spring Festival almost the same day as the Han people, and they have different customs。

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